QUWA (Arabic for power: قوة) is a community violence-prevention and collective healing program for displaced Syrian women in Turkey.

To request QUWA in your community or organization, please e-mail Zeinab Khalil at zeinab.khalil@yale.edu

[Photo credit: The background photo of our blog is by Palestinian artist Dena Mattar.]

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Zeinab and Nour,

    My name is Lesley Ames and I live in Chicago, Illinois.

    I read about your self-defense / self-love program for displaced Syrian women in “Good Magazine” online. I was moved by your cause, your approach, and the stories of the women you are helping.

    I am writing because I am curious if I can be of service to you. 

    As background, my business is in brand identity design and marketing. I work with associations, non-profits, and entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses and be heard. On a personal note, I have a passion for Turkey and all its’ people. In the last couple years, I have visited Istanbul and its’ surrounding areas many times to visit friends. During those times, I’ve learned to appreciate my own sense of security and self-sufficiency – as a single female and a US citizen.

    But, it disheartens me to think others do not have these same freedoms.

    The approach of your program is inspiring. And, I believe it could be the seed of an idea that supports and reaches many more women globally. From my brief research, I understand you started your program through a grant with Davis Projects for Peace, and the University of Michigan. You also are a resource with NuDay Syria.

    My intent is to see I can help you further your cause in some way through business development, marketing or promotion. What is your vision? What needs do you have as a business person to support it? How do you want it to grow? What needs do the women you support have?

    Are you interested in having a phone call to discuss further?

    Please know, there is no pressure. I look forward to hearing from you either way.



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